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How do we protect you with Social Distancing

At picoTera, we strive to improve worker’s safety with our hearing protection technology and picoEar technology.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, workers are expected to social distance and stay 2 meters (6ft) away from each other. We have equipped our picoLink device with the latest technology of our Social Distance Alerts.


As you know it is hard to verbally communicate with workers in a noisy environment. Workers tend to come closer to each other, remove their hearing protection, and speak louder to be heard.

Our optional Social Distance Alert feature will alert both picoLink users when they are within 2 meters (6ft) of each other.

picoNet, our short-range push-to-talk, will allow users to talk half a block away. Or pair your picoLink with our user-friendly app and use our TeraNet to communicate for an unlimited distance. Another Work Site? City? Country? Users can now communicate without needing to come close to each other.

Stay safe and productive.
Protect Yourself and Others.

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