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Advanced noise cancellation

Our advanced denoising algorithm can distinguish your voice and enhance its clarity, while also removing any background sounds.

Compared to a standard radio, picoLink offers a richer sound. When combined with our advanced denoising technology, picoLink can deliver unmatched sound quality.*

Recorded Audio from Radio

"This is an audio sample showing the difference between traditional two-way radios and picoNet in 115dB noise environment."

Above is a comparison between a standard radio* and picoLink at an ambient sound level of 100 decibels measured at the source. The gain for both audio clips has been reduced to a level more suitable for listening. Each audio clip was taken with both devices 15cm (5.9in) from the speaker.

Compared to a Kiwicall KC-589 Dual-band, Hi-Power, VHF/UHF Portable Radio

Advanced Denoising

As seen below, low-frequency noise floods over voices. Once our advanced noise cancellation technology kicks in, unwanted noise is removed and the voice remains clear.

Noise Cancellation Using Built in Microphone

Without advanced noise cancellation
With advanced noise cancellation

Without advanced noise cancellation

With advanced noise cancellation

Noise cancellation Using Radio as Input

Using the provided input, our advanced noise cancellation algorithm can also be used to clean up noise from an existing radio system. Below is an example of a standard radio connected to a picoLink with and without advanced noise cancellation.


Without advanced noise cancellation


With advanced noise cancellation

Passive Noise Cancellation

Our included earbuds come with a 29-decibel Noise Reduction Rating, keeping workers safe from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

Impulse Noise Cancellation

Our algorithm detects sudden loud noises such as an operating jackhammer or nail gun and blocks them instantly so they don’t harm your ears.

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