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Radio integration is the newest feature of the picoLink device. It enables users to seamlessly connect their existing 2-way radio to picoLink via the input port located at the bottom, providing a level of communication and safety that is essential for professionals and enthusiasts who prioritize reliability and efficiency.

Why Radio Integration

Why do you need another device connected to your radio system? Our picoLink device is designed to enhance your radio system's capabilities, providing 3 main features:

  1. Reducing background Noise
  2. Providing additional private and full duplex channels with nearby users suitable for training and natural conversation
  3. Pedestrian Safety
Our device allows you to connect a 2-way radio seamlessly, giving you access to an unlimited number of channels, top-of-the-line noise cancellation, and pedestrian safety features. These features are essential for users operating in high-risk environments, where reliable communication and clarity of message are paramount.

Noise Cancellation

picoLink offers advanced noise cancellation technologies that provide crystal clear communication by distinguishing and removing background noise while enhancing your voice. Its dynamic compression system instantly blocks sudden loud noises to prevent hearing damage. By connecting picoLink to your system, users can send and receive audio from their radio while enjoying the benefits of private picoNet Channels and unlimited range TeraNet communication.

Additional Private, Full Duplex Communication

Connected picoLink can provide private communication with nearby users. This feature allows short-range push-to-talk communication. If longer range communication is needed, TeraNet can provide unlimited communication range and channels. Both Networks have situational awareness mode for noise cancellation and the ability to hear surrounding sounds when needed. Both picoNet and TeraNet Networks are license FREE and subscription FREE.

For more please visit our Communication Page.

Pedestrian Safety

picoLink not only enhance your communication but it also come with subscription free pedestrian safety system. Our technology allows drivers to create a virtual fence around themselves and any picoLink users that cross the fence will be notified. Driver will receive a notification that someone is nearby, and they should pay more attention to their surroundings. That can greatly reduce the probability of forklift accidents with pedestrians.

For more please visit our Pedestrian Safety Page.


In conclusion, picoLink's innovative radio integration feature offers Fully Customized communication and safety system for professionals operating in high-risk and noisy environments. With advanced noise cancellation, pedestrian safety, and access to unlimited channels, users can enhance their radio system's capabilities and prioritize reliability and efficiency. By connecting an existing radio to the picoLink device, users can take advantage of all these features, making it an essential tool for those who truly care about communication and safety.

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